Business with RubberBunker


Do you like to make common business with us? Here are few topics which may interest you as our potential partner.


Rubber Bunker as a brand is creative studio and workstation with extensive experience with rubber fetish gear. For sure, we always look for new materials, technologies and suppliers. But as we are focused to exclusive products, quality matters, not quantity. So feel free to contact us if you like to offer some interesting rubber or metal materials, but, please, mind that we do not process tons of any material.

Recently, we don’t resale any "ready-to-use" products, just what we create and/or manufactured directly with our hands. This philosophy has more reasons. At first we like to bring something exclusive and unique to our customers and last but not least we like to have quality under our control.


Yes, we have wholesale activities and we are open to sale you our goods for your shop. But are some simple rules there. 
Your brand should have retail store or huge marketing capability in virtual world.

If you like to have some of our gear in your shop, feel free to contact us and we can discuss about price. We don’t have long list of all possible products with fixed prices for wholesale. Prices depends case to case and from batch quantities. We are able to manufacture for resellers just few copies of each item (in some cased even one piece), we don’t have minimum orders, just price can differ. Vice versa, some goods can not be manufactured in huge amounts due their high time-consuming production. 
What we prefer, is concept, when you come with your idea and we manufacture it for you. In such case, we guarantee exclusivity for such product only for you. No other copies will be offered by our shop or to other brands. Your ideas need to be specific and if you have some prototype manufactured from leather or fabric, all will run quickly. Usually, we manufacture prototype of desired gear and send it to customer to prove. 

Products for resale can have Rubber Bunker brand and in this case we can provide marketing support materials as photographs of product, advertising materials etc. On other side, most of products made by us can be "unbranded". In this case is all promotion up to you.

Despite we are permanently trying to offer our goods for competitive prices, we take care in materials and we can offer even really exclusive options. Is not rubber as rubber, experienced eye can see differences between our materials and casual mass production on first "touch".  

Our products are in world famous shops yet. Yours can be the next one.


Event organizers/club owner

Would you like to have our gear on your event or in club? Just let us to know and we will create some options for you. We can use materials and designs extremely durable for really hard and rude use.

As potential business partners we are happy to meet you in person, everywhere it will be possible. If your steps go around Prague, we will like to show you our production, materials and goods.


Looking forward to make kinky business together,

Rubber Bunker Team.