ORDERS made after 1st of Dec 2022 will be dispatched after 1st Jan 2023. Thank you for understanding!


Shipping of Rubber Bunker gear

Shipping is important part of our service, because you need to get your desired Rubber Bunker gear somehow. And for sure, all depends on where you are. We dispatch all gear from Prague, where it is made. Usually, there are few options...

In all cases we use parcels with tracking number, which you get in email after your order is dispatched. In most countries, it helps if you fill in your phone number (ideally with international code). All parcels are insured (if not stated otherwise).

Shipping cost is calculated based on the weight. If you process your order to shopping cart, you can input your address and all available options will be displayed. To some countries, shipping will not vary in range 0.05 - 10kg, to other countries the shipping cost can grow  linearly. Generally, most effective are costs close to 10kg per order. 

We do not offer cash-on-delivery way for payments. Unpaid order is not processed, neither shipped.

All parcels are packed discretely. Shipped from Slicktech s.r.o. 

If you can't find information bellow, feel free to contact us, we will try to find some acceptable option for you how to get your desired gear. 


Czech republic

We use services of for delivery. Automatically it is offered as delivery to your door. If you prefer delivery to Z-point or Z-box, select one which you like to use and let us know. There is an option of shipping with Czech post, but we rather don't use it, it can be selected upon request. If you are able to come to Prague, consider selecting personal pick-up. And ideally contact us before placing an order, we will be happy to chat about all available options with you.



For parcel smaller than 10 kg (most of orders) we use various transport companies. The one with the most reasonable coverage and prices will be selected. If you desire any particular one, please contact us, and we will discuss possible options with you. In case of any problems with your delivery, please let us know. For parcels bigger than 10kg there are two options (oh, you fetish freak, that is lot of new gear, we love you!). If it is effective, DPD will be used, if not, and it is technically possible, your order will be divided into multiple separate shipments under 10 kg. You will receive more tracking numbers in that case. 


United Kingdom

Conditions for shipping anything to UK are since January 2021 more complicated as use to be.  One option is to use national post, is slow but with higher chance they do not control precisely your parcel. If they do, is chance that you  need to pay VAT. Second options is that you pay VAT to us and we pay accountant who prepare finantial reports for GB finance office and pay VAT to UK. So basicly that is not a option, it is nightmare. For realy complicated  cross-border administrations, we can not offer such service.  So shippign to UK is now by nationall posts with tracking. Still you can try to contact us what we can do. It depends on size of your order. You can come even personaly to our workshop. North Ireland can be diferent story but no experiences yet. 



There are basically two options for shipments to the USA: quick or cheap. 

FedEx delivery takes usually around 6-10 days, and is usually hassle free. But price is little bit higher.

Second option is national post, so USPS. It is a better option for very small parcels (envelopes), delivery takes around 20-120 days.

Unfortunately the delivery time of USPS is a huge lottery. There is no rule of thumb, some shipments are delivered within 3 weeks, but others can take over 3 months (2 months stop-over in NY postal hub). In general it is reliable, but slow. Please keep in mind that during holiday season the deliveries can be delayed.

If your parcels is "lost" after formal delivery, we can start investigation. In this case, the Czech post has 90 days to find you parcel. You may be asked to fulfill a claim. If we receive a message that your parcels has been definitely lost (maybe half year after we shipped  your gear). You will get two options. We can make new gear for you and send it again or you can cancel the order and get full refund.  


Canada and Mexico

Even though we love both of those countries, their national post offices do not love us. We cannot ship insured "valuable" parcels there and that is reason why you do not see any shipping options for those destinations.

However there are some options:

- Uninsured parcel. Actually it is insured for approx. 50 €. So, it is fine for small orders. It can be OK even for bigger orders, if you are brave enough. However there is no refund if such parcels get lost. (But it does not happen that often)
Shipping of one pair of boots - approx 30€

- FedEx  - quick, secure delivery, but higher price.
Shipping of one pair of boots - approx 130€

- Shipping to USA or other country where you will be able to pick up your delivery. We can ship your order to some other destination, which you plan to visit or to somebody who will visit you. In this case you can make standard order and in processing of your order select as shipping address desired destination.
All shipping options and prices will be displayed.

- Personal pick-up in Prague
Free of charge


Rest of the World

If you can see in shopping basket an option for your country and also price for it, it will be shipped with Czech post and delivered by your national post service (usually). There are huge differences between countries in performance. For example Japan is absolutely no problem. Delivery usually within 20 days. Just please, keep address as simple as possible. Post labels are very small. 

New Zealand and Australia are far away. Literally opposite side of the planet and consequences are that the parcels can spend more than 3 months on the way. If you desire a quicker delivery, express mail or  FedEx is an option, but you count with higher cost. Contact us for details. 

If you do not see any options for delivery, there are few reasons for it. For some not frequently used countries, we do not have calculated shipping cost or there are some specific conditions in international post services. In such case contact us and let us know what you want to order.


Personal pickup

If you are planning to visit Prague, we will be more than happy to show you our workshop (the Rubber Bunker). You can even try some of our other gear. And for sure, you can try your gear. In case it will not fit as expected, you can make a change in your order. Or simply, you can just grab your gear and leave. if you wish to collect your order in person, please, contact us in advance. 

For Folsom Europe visitors, we can bring your gear there, as we are regulars there.


Special conditions/requirements

If you still do not find option suitable for you or you have any special requirements, contact us



Simple, isn't it? :D

Do not worry, we've shipped thousands of parcels around the globe, we will manage yours as well!


Rubber Bunker team.